FGTT Update


Friday 18th of March, 2016. More than half way through the yogateacher training; 13 days to go.

Since the start of my training course I’ve been waking up at 5am, leaving home early and coming back around 8pm on shorterdays and around 10pm on others. Even though my initial intention was to blog about the experience here regularly, I soon found that on most of the days I could just about gather the energy for homework and teaching script revision before crashing to bed. We had 2 Sundays off to rest, the rests of the days were filled with practices ( usually daily dose of 2×1.5h in the hot room), various lectures and workshops. The content of this training has been absolutely amazing, there are so many things I have learned and some of them I never expected to do on a yoga training course.

Over the past three weeks I have been probably pushed to my physical maximum, built a lot of strength, stretched and sweated a lot. At the moment my whole body is pretty inflamed I would say and I am actually stiff and a lot less flexible than one month a go. I probably won’t be able to tell where I am in terms of flexibility until it’s all calmed down and I have given my muscles and ligaments a chance to recover, which I think is probably going to happen a month or so further down the line. For the time being I am viewing/treating this as an experiment in physical endurance.

We’ve had hours and hours of posture clinics, shredding to pieces the whole FG and Classic series posture by posture, getting into all sorts of details and modifications, sometimes spending hours on a particular posture.  I’ve been filmed teaching, received feedback on it; we’ve had voice coaching, lectures on business management for people who consider running a studio, meditation and pranayama workshops; to name just a few. I’ve sat through hours and hours of anatomy classes, and can now probably instantly suggest yoga postures that can help you with knees, elbow, back strength  etc… We also had hours of philosophy lectures that I enjoyed immensely. There have been surprises, and surprise workshops but I have been sworn to secrecy on this one, so you can only find out about them if you decide to join the training one day….

We still have inversion worskshops, lectures on Aryuveda, mastercalsses etc to go through in addition to our own yoga practice and posture clinics before the final exams.

Challenges? There have been many. First of all People. I honestly can’t remember when was the last time that I’ve been stuck with someone for days, let alone a large group of people from totally different walks of life. Loooong days in a same room, sometimes at 40 Degrees Celsius. Very little privacy and very little space. Things can get heated (no pun intended) and emotion can run high. There were moments I wished somebody was filming the whole thing secretly. Pure gold. We’ve been eating lunches sitting on the floor, sharing showers with other course participants, observing others from the course doing their practice, and I’ve observed general public classes. A real eye opener.

This got me thinking a lot about group dynamics, how different we all are in so many ways and how we deal with pressure in different ways. In terms of yoga, I have never spent so much time studying other people. Up until now it’s all been about me. It’s been a really interesting to see how different our bodies are, how differently they move and how at times my maximum expression of an asana can be totally different to some other people for no other reason then simply their bone structure. Sometimes no matter how much we work on some things there are simply body’s structural limitations that we can’t surpass and no amount of flexibility or hours of practice can change that. Sometimes, acceptance is a good thing.

Also, I miss my girls as I only get to see them briefly on some mornings. But, time flies and soon we’ll be back in our routine. I also miss London, as at the moment I am not enjoying any of the things it has to offer.

So, there it is. A short summary of the past few weeks. Apologies on typos and this, perhaps, slightly ‘stream of consciousness’ style of writing, but I am doing this whilst on the underground train on my way home. I’ve done one fierce grace class, a classic class and a two hour inversion class today and I’m using pretty much the last reserves of my energy before I come home and locate my bed! !!

Finally, one more thing:  To anyone considering doing the training I’d just like to say one thing – make sure you really want it!



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