Sunday Wrap Up

Sunday evening!  This past week was super productive and fun fun fun.

I made a point of meeting up with all the people I love and catching up with them, so there have been many coffees, lunches, a few drinks and some late nights. And, made a couple of marathon phone calls, always good for the soul. I am guessing I won’t have much of a social live during March having seen the training schedule… 7 or 8am till 9pm… Sundays are the only rest days.

Childcare has been organised. Handover in process. My girls are very excited.

I’ve signed quite a few documents. Got my Insurance in place. Admin. Admin. Admin.

Sorted out my yoga gear. I realised I have 3, THREE, full drawers of yoga clothes. I guess the first step of dealing with an addiction is admitting there is a problem…… so, there.

I’ve also been learning dialogues for first 5 postures of both the FG and Classic class. I figure it’s easier to deliver those once you have somebody getting into postures in front of you so tomorrow I am planning to get my long suffering husband to do some sun salutations while I practice. That is, if he doesn’t escape to Switzerland before I get him on the mat!

Off to my fav class of the week now. Deep Core on Sunday evenings, here I come!

Next time I write something here I’ll probably be writing about the training itself. Exciting times! Till then….



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