Yoga with Paul


Everyone, meet Paul!

Paul entered the yoga studio this morning and put his mat next to mine. We practiced in silence for just over an hour, after which I think we both nodded off for a couple of mins in our savasanas!

Paul is also a yoga tracher. In fact, Paul taught my first ever Bikram yoga class back in 2006. That evening I remember sitting on the floor in the back row, covered in sweat, searching the room with my eyes trying to locate the exit and run! I remember looking at Paul clamly instructing the class on what to do with their bodies next and thinking ‘Omg, this guy is nuts!!!’ Needless to say, I did not run. I came back the very next day. From that point onward Paul became one of my favourite yoga teachers. In fact, I know for sure he has a bit of a cult following in some yogi circles! I followed him to Portugal a couple of years ago, where he thought me yoga for a week in an amazing setting. While there I met a great group of interesting people and this turned out to be one of the most relaxing holidays I’ve ever been on! My practice deepened and I learnt a lot. I can’t recommend doing something like this highly enough. So, if you are maybe considering going to a yoga retreat I know he will be teaching two this year. Have a look at Paul’s website¬†for more info on dates etc, and don’t forget to check out the blog!

I’ll be back to the studio for my second class tonight. Until then, Namaste!

Yoga with Paul




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