Early this morning this song came up at the end of my practice as I was lying down in Savasana. It pretty much resonates with how I felt at that very moment, so I thought I should share it and maybe add a couple of words about Savasana itself.

You have probably heard of Savasana or Corpse pose already. Frequently it is referred to as the most difficult pose of all. In many ways, although it looks easy, it is a tough one because often the hardest thing to do is to take that time and just be still. I have struggled with this a lot.  It is hard to surrender. Living in a big city sometimes feels like a constant race and the true moments of stillness can be few and between.

So, even if you can’t find as much time as you’d like for your yoga practice, take a couple of minutes to lie in Savasana every now and then, close your eyes and maybe listen to Olafur with me. And, breathe!

PS. Thanks to my teacher, Lisa for great music this morning. I will be back to studio tonight for my second class of the day. x



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